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Cabernet Franc Bottle

Cabernet Franc

Rich aromas of blackberries and cassis.

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Meritage Bottle


A Bordeaux blend created from a barrel selection of our best vineyard blocks. The selected barrels were blended shortly after malolactic fermentation permitting the various components to come together for a nuanced flavor during and additional 18 months in French oak barrels (60% new, 40% neutral).

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Chardonnay Reserve Bottle

Chardonnay Reserve

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Merlot Reserve Bottle

Merlot Reserve

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Merlot Bottle



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Petit Verdot Bottle

Petit Verdot


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Smuggler Bottle


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Mille Fleurs Bottle

Mille Fleurs

white port-style

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Viognier Bottle


A fresh, lively, full flavored wine with fragrant notes of creamy apricot and honeysuckle. On the palate one tastes ripe stone fruit balanced by crisp acidity.

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Sauvignon Blanc Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc

The objective at Pollak Vineyards is to make our Sauvignon Blanc “old world style”. We believe in preserving the natural acid, and reducing the contact of the pulp to the skins, to help achieve this goal.

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